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World's first multi-platform security app that offers enhanced 3rd factor encryption for everyday use

Keep all your precious photos, videos, passwords and documents encrypted and safe from prying eyes with our Tin Biscuit app. Gain access to all your files by turning any Bluetooth device of your choice into a unique authentication key for enhanced security with our patented ProxcurityTM technology.

Compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth devices

Handles all kinds of files

Organise with multiple folders

Multi-language support


Added security with physical key

Securely access your files only with the presence of a Bluetooth enabled physical key within proximity

Automatically encrypts your file

Automatically encrypt any files by adding them to your Tin Biscuit folder


No need for additional devices

Use and set your existing Bluetooth devices as a security key without the need to purchase a dedicated hardware

All-in-one App

Hide your photos, videos, documents and files in an all-in-one app

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